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How we started.

Lost Design Society was established in 2016, by Trent Hansen, after working in the B2B E-commerce space, Trent launched Lost Design Society to create a consumer-facing product offering. You can read more about our journey here: About Us


Why buy a rug online?

We believe that we have a great range of rugs, that are manufactured by world-leading rug manufacturers & traditional makers. We offer our rugs at a competitive price, as we work on running an efficient business model.


We emphasise accurately describing our products & providing professional photography.


We also have a strong emphasis on customer service, with all enquiries, pre-purchase & after sale, being managed by our small, family-run business.


For a quick answer, jump onto our live chat to talk with us.


Shop Rugs For Different Rooms

Our selection of rugs online includes a variety of styles, designs, sizes, colours & materials to match your living room, dining room, bedroom & kids room. Different rugs are more suitable for different rooms. These rug room collection pages aim to make shopping rugs online convenient. These collection pages include frequently asked questions & answers regarding rug use in these rooms.


Buy Rugs Online In Australia with Assurance

Shop rugs online from the comfort of your home. We process orders daily & typically dispatch orders daily. We ship our rugs across most of Australia using couriers & Australia Post. We offer a flat rate shipping fee that starts from $9.99 Inc GST to areas that include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra & Hobart.


Rugs Australia – Make an informed rug purchase

To learn more about our rugs, we have a range of helpful rug guides, tips & articles to help inform your online rug-buying decision. Rug care advice is provided on the care label for each rug we stock. We are constantly working on our online rug shop & our product offer to offer a reliable & informative online rug shopping experience.


Rug Tradition meets Modern Online Shopping

Rugs have been used & valued for thousands of years. Our diverse range of rugs is inspired by traditional rug creators. If you are updating your hallway runner rugs, nursery, outdoor space or kitchen, we have a range of rugs that are available to be delivered to you. All our products include detailed product descriptions & product features to help make informed decisions.


Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of rugs do we have?

Our range of rugs is constantly growing. We continue to source unique rugs with different styles, features & benefits. Our collection includes natural fibre rugs, machine-made synthetic rugs & machine-washable rugs. Depending on the features of the rug, our rugs are suitable for domestic or commercial use. For example, our low pile polypropylene rugs can handle heavy traffic & therefore, are suitable for heavy foot traffic in an office environment, whilst a wool rug that will shed may not be as suitable in an office environment with frequent foot traffic.


Where do our rugs come from?

As rug manufacturing & technology continue to develop & with rising costs in different regions, we continue to seek out & work with innovative rug manufacturers & makers to ensure quality & value. Our machine-made rugs are mainly manufactured in Turkey & Belgium, where there have been significant advancements in machine-made rug technology.


Our natural fibre rugs are mainly made in India. India is a leader in natural fibre rug production. Indian rug manufacturers have developed a reputation for making quality hand-loomed rugs & hand-woven rugs at good prices.


China is also becoming a leader in manufacturing machine-washable rugs.


We source different types of rugs from different countries to offer value & quality to our customers.


What should I consider when choosing a rug size?

When choosing your rug size, mark out your desired size with masking tape to get a visual representation of what size rug is suitable. Buying a rug online without measuring the space first can often lead to a rug being required to be returned.


How do I choose the right rug material?

Natural fibre rugs have many great benefits that include: natural heat retention & natural air humidifying. When deciding what rug material to choose, note that natural fibre rugs will shed. Over-vacuuming natural fibre rugs will cause more shedding. Consider the area where the rug is being placed & how the rug will be used. For example, if you want a rug that is low maintenance & can deal well with spills & pets, you may consider our range of non-shed, stain-resistant & easy to vacuum low pile polypropylene rugs.


How are our rugs shipped and what are the costs?

Our rugs are rolled & shipped in protective plastic wraps, except for our washable rugs, which are folded & packaged into cartons. We offer flat rate metro shipping from $9.99 inc GST. Our rugs are usually dispatched within 1 - 2 business days. Flat rate shipping means you can buy more than one rug at Lost Design Society & pay the same flat rate shipping fee when ordering multiple rugs.


How do I care for and maintain my rug?

To care for & maintain your rug, follow the care instructions that are provided for your rug. A common Lost Design Society rug care instruction label is: Light vacuum using suction only to remove loose soil & debris. Clean spills immediately ensuring never to rub the pile surface. Blot wet spills with an absorbent cloth or paper towel. Some stains may be cleaned with mild clear detergent & lukewarm water. If a stain cannot be removed seek specialist cleaning advice.


What are the latest trends in rug designs?

Some of the latest trends in rug design include neutral natural fibre rugs, transitional Persian-inspired rugs, contemporary modern rugs, mid-century modern rugs & art deco rugs.