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Different rug types can be identified by different weaves, materials, styles, patterns, designs, colours, manufacturing techniques, shapes & sizes.

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Does your bedroom need a boost?

If your bedroom needs a makeover, then the addition of a rug may be just the answer you are looking for.

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Jute Rugs -

A jute rug is often a stylist’s choice when wanting to add a layer of texture to an interior design. The neutral colours and earthy feel, allows a jute rug to blend with a variety of décor and design.

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Wool Rugs -

Choosing a rug made from wool has many practicable benefits. As consumers become more ethically conscious, the choice of wool as a sustainable and eco-friendly product is gaining momentum.

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buying rugs online, polypropylene rugs, rugs, rugs online -

This collection of rugs is competitively priced, represent great value & are a customer favourite. This collection includes a combination of modern rug & transitional rug styles as well as designs inspired by both traditional rug makers & modern design influences.

Great Value Polypropylene Rugs Close Up


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