Motherhood, Girl Crushes & Doing What You Love with @_dimity_

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Motherhood, Girl Crushes & Doing What You Love with @_dimity_

We're constantly in awe of Dimity's positivity, creativity & balanced approach to working/crafting Mum life. The daily adventures of Dim & Zae always have an inner calm & explorer vibe! These are two super fun ladies! We JUST had to steal 5 minutes with Dim:

Tell us a little bit about yourself & where does your passion for interior decorating stem from?

I have always been a creative person and 'need' to be doing something creative to keep myself sane! When I finished High School, I was deciding between studying Interior Decorating or Visual Arts. I ended up studying a bachelor of Visual Arts major in 'jewellery and object design'. Then I studied a Diploma of Visual Merchandising which focused on retail, fashion and interior styling. I have also done a short course in floristry.

I currently work as a Visual Arts Technician in a high school, which I have done for over 10 years. So as you can see I just need to be constantly immersed in a creative field.

Describe your home style?

I could never put my style under a certain label. I honestly love all styles and I find inspiration from everywhere.... I was heavily influenced by the bright textiles and handicrafts when I travelled to south America/Mexico but also, I love the earthy natural fibres like macrame and linen. I love the neutral colours and raw wood elements of the Scandinavian style but then I am in no way a minimalist in my style (I believe more is more!). I am a huge nature lover and live by the beach so there is also a coastal inspiration and I try to bring the outdoors in with a jungle of indoor plants. I have always had a passion for antique shopping so lots of the pieces in my house are one off vintage finds. I prefer to own pieces that have been handmade with love rather than mass produced. I do not confine myself to one style... I simply buy/make what I love and what speaks to me. That way my style is uniquely true to my essence. This eclectic way of decorating gives my home an overall bohemian vibe.

You have such an inspiring Instagram, can you tell us what you are most passionate about right now?

My passion now (and has always been) CRAFT. I am a craftsperson. At uni I studied visual arts so the idea of 'craft' was seen as a lesser skill. As I have grown and learnt more about my passion for the handmade, I am now proud to call myself a 'craftsperson' and relish in the value of handmade. I am very passionate about 'chronomanual craft'.... but that is a whole other subject that I could talk about forever!

Jeans or Dress?

BOTH- I live in denim shorts or flowing maxi dresses

Fav movie?

My all time faves have to be 'Empire Records' and 'Waynes World'

Fav book?

'Marching Powder' ... I read this real life account of the corrupt prison in Bolivia. Then when I visited Bolivia I actually went inside the prison with one of the inmates! Seriously the craziest thing I have ever done!

Fav bands?

I have a current girl crush on 'Sofi Tukker'. But I honestly listen to all genres of music (well, everything except Australian hip hop- sorry I can't handle it)

Something we don't know about Dimity?

I hate talking on the phone - I never answer phone calls.

How do you stay connected with self?

I am a massive introvert so I recharge myself by simply being alone. I gain energy from being in nature and crafting.

Can you tell us a little more about your dream shop you hope to open one day?

It will be a beautiful old house with lots of little character filled rooms.

I will sell fresh flowers out the front and each room will be filled with beautiful handicrafts and homewares. These will be pieces I have made myself and also pieces from other local craftspeople. It will be a little hub to support handmade/small businesses. It would also be amazing to RUN craft workshops in the space too.

Yoga or walking?

BOTH....but if I have to choose one I’d say walking (on the beach)

Morning Ritual?

I am NOT a morning person, so thankfully my daughter sleeps in really late. I usually start my days very slow...I make a chai tea on the stove and drink it outside in silence before my day starts.

When do you feel most 'in the moment'?

Crafting - the process of creating with my hands is my meditation..... but by far being a mother is definitely my 'calling'. When it is just me and Zae exploring in nature this is when I feel like I am in the exact place/moment that I am meant to be.

How have you found styling for LDS?

I absolutely love adding beautiful LDS products to my home. As I explained before my style is very eclectic. so I love the vast range LDS offers. I also love to constantly change up my space, as I evolve, so I love that LDS has a new limited time edition every month which provides new and exciting products to choose from. I also have a strong passion for the handmade/craftsmen, so I love to know where products originate from. LDS source products from developing communities and emerging brands which helps keeps the world of craftsmanship alive and supports fair trade.

What inspires you?

Anything and everything!!! As a creative person, your eyes are always open for inspiration. I am more intune with my right side of the brain.... I believe those that are more right-side focused see the world in a different way. For example, my husband is definitely more left-sided, so when we are driving in the car my eyes see everything around me... I’m looking at the colour hues in the sky, the beautiful vine overgrowing the fence, flowers growing out of the gutter, the textures of an old stone wall etc... but my husband will see what he needs to focus on being the cars in front and the street lights. I see the world as one big artwork of inspiration. 

Your take on motherhood & family time?

My family is my everything. My happy place is being at the beach with my husband and daughter. I have never felt so comfortable as I do in my role as a mother. I honestly believe that being a mother is my calling in life, nothing else compares to the pure joy of being a mother and all that motherhood has to offer.

Your tips for raising a happy family?

I think the best piece of advice I can give is 'follow your mumma instinct' - it will never let you down. Don't be clouded in your judgement by what you have read or what you believe society thinks you should do. Also 'follow your child’s lead', you will be constantly in awe of them and their ability to know what they need.

Making sure you are happy in yourself and doing what you love is also so important. Children learn from what is practised not what is preached.

Any tips for Mum or Stylist Bloggers?

I never set out to get 'followers' for my insta account. I don't really classify myself as a 'mummy blogger'. I am simply taking photos of my real life doing what I love to do and supporting brands I genuinely love - and I guess it just so happens that others like to follow my journey. My tip would be to stay true and authentic to your style - that way you will always be doing what you love.

Fav Insta accounts to follow?

Too many to name but here are a few faves...








Thankyou so much @_dimity_ for sharing with us your dreams, beliefs & rituals.


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