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How to help minimise & reduce rug bunching

Rugs are not a permanent fixture & therefore they may move. If this occurs a rug is required to be put back in place.

A rug’s movement can also be affected if a rug is weighed down by objects on any part of a rug.

As all surfaces can be different, the surface which a rug is placed on top of can also impact the amount of movement of a rug.

Each room can also have a varying amount of foot traffic. This foot traffic can also affect a rug's movement.

Bunching of a rug can occur when furniture/objects prevent the natural traffic movement of a rug. Bunching can result in a rug's shape to change.

If a rug is bunching, we suggest removing all weighted anchor points placed on top of a rug.

Bunching is not a manufacturing or product fault.
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