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Welcome to Lost Design Society, where convenience meets style with our collection of washable rugs. Say hello to effortless maintenance with our machine washable rugs. From modern minimalism to classic elegance, we have a growing range of washable rugs to complement different decor.

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Different rug types can be identified by different weaves, materials, styles, patterns, designs, colours, manufacturing techniques, shapes & sizes.

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This collection of rugs is competitively priced, represent great value & are a customer favourite. This collection includes a combination of modern rug & transitional rug styles as well as designs inspired by both traditional rug makers & modern design influences.

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Rugs are not a permanent fixture & therefore they may move. If this occurs a rug is required to be put back in place.A rug’s movement can also be affected if a rug is weighed down by objects on any part of a rug.As all surfaces can be different, the surface which a rug is placed on top of can also impact the amount of movement of a rug.Each room can also have a varying amount of foot traffic. This foot traffic can also affect a rug's movement.Bunching of a rug can occur when furniture/objects prevent the natural traffic movement...

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