Modern Bohemian Home Tour: Eva Loyola, Gold Coast, Australia

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Modern Bohemian Home Tour: Eva Loyola, Gold Coast, Australia

Eva Loyola shares how she has created a gorgeous modern bohemian dwelling combining an eclectic assembly of vintage finds & modern decor that has seen a cult-like Instagram following in just one year. 

Photography courtesy of our creative guy @the.jye

Location: 2 Bedroom Abode, Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia


Eva's Suzani is from a previous Lost Design Society collection (handmade in India). Eva loved the colours so much, she teamed up with Fat Rabbit Tapestry to create a dreamy wall tapestry to match. 

We had a chance to dive into Eva's story & discovered Eva has no formal training and follows her instincts with her styling:

"My love for interiors came about because I love to make everything look pretty. I love transforming spaces that were otherwise dull. I love to create a feast for the eyes"

Asked if Eva has any decorating rules, her free spirited, easy going nature simply replied:  

"Nothing too specific, just colour, cane and plants are my go!"

Eva strong sense of community (#bohoismyjam) shines through when asked on her inspirations:

"There are so many that sparked my passion, obviously Justina Blakeney & her unapologetic way of decorating is so me and a lot of my girls on IG have inspired me also:







So what does the future hold for Eva?  

"I was originally a beauty therapist and makeup artist so I've always enjoyed making things look beautiful. I'm now a product and interior stylist, I'm yet to do a whole home but hoping that's next."

We love how Eva & Lucia take on a lot of projects together & how this is a mother & daughter bonding activity: 

"I try to make our thrift trips fun & Lu often has a say in the pieces we buy. Lu has her own style in her bedroom but very much enjoys the creativity like her Mumma".

Eva parts with her thoughts on collaborating with Lost Design Society:

"Not only is each collection unique and amazing, there's something for every style of home".

Thanks for the chat Eva Loyola! We hope you get as much inspiration from Eva as we do. We're on a journey to find & source eclectic wares from developing communities around the globe. Keep an eye on new collections coming soon. In the meantime, why not have a peek at our live collections.




Cane, on wood on wood. Mixed in with neutral decor to balance against Eva's bright bedroom textiles. #bohoismyjam

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