Features & Benefits of Jute Rugs

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Features & Benefits of Jute Rugs

A jute rug is often a stylist’s choice when wanting to add a layer of texture to an interior design. The neutral colours and earthy feel, allows a jute rug to blend with a variety of décor and design.

The choice of a natural jute rug adds a cosy, natural appeal to a home, whereas the availability of different colours, patterns, designs and shapes allows the choice of a jute rug to bring an added sense of warmth and chic.

Jute is a natural fibre and has been used in textile production for thousands of years. Known as a versatile fabric and for its fast-growing, biodegradable properties as well as its reduced impact on the environment, jute products, including rugs, are becoming a popular choice amongst designers and consumers.

Jute is obtained from the outer skin of two species of Corchorus plants, commonly found in India and Bangladesh. These long, soft and shiny vegetable fibres are spun into coarse, strong, organic threads. These strands are then hand-spun or hand loomed into rugs, which are often marked by subtle but individual differences and variations.

Jute fibres are naturally a golden-brown shade but can come in various shades of neutral tones from browns to off-whites. As producers of jute rugs look for ways to add extra appeal, different textures and designs are emerging as well as the use of dyes to bring in colour.

Because jute is made from a natural fibre, shedding often occurs, especially when the rug is new. Shedding should decrease the older the rug gets. These shedded fibres of jute are sometimes known as dust or dirt and should be swept or vacuumed weekly, including lifting the rug to clean underneath as dirt and fibres will fall through the weave. The amount of shedding will depend upon the quality and tightness of the weave.

The rich texture and natural tonal variation of jute rugs comes in handy for masking minor stains or spills. If you have a liquid spill, be sure to blot it with a clean cloth or paper towel immediately to help avoid possible staining.

The colour of a jute rug can change as the rug is exposed to light and moisture, which is part of every household. The natural light and moisture in the air can also affect the colour and strength of a jute rug.

A characteristic of a jute rug is that it breathes, therefore it naturally does not retain much heat. Due to its breathable quality, jute rugs are often popular in hot climates.

The current strong world focus on environmental issues is adding an extra layer of encouragement for consumers to be more environmentally conscious. As a jute rug is sturdy, biodegradable, anti-static and natural, consumers and designers are given a choice to bring a non-toxic and eco-friendly household item into their home or office space.

The neutral, natural colour of jute rugs provides a basis to build on, allowing the decorator to create a perfect foundation for style-specific pieces of furniture. Jute rugs add a sense of warmth as well as an earthy vibe together with chic styling.

Jute rugs suit a variety of decors. Elegance and sophistication can be added to a traditional home by adding a jute rug. A casual, cool look can complement boho or rustic settings with the addition of a textured jute rug. A braided jute rug will feel right at home in a beach house as well as adding a layer of texture to a city apartment.

A round jute rug should be considered if you want to add a different aspect to your home. Place a round jute rug under furniture for a bit of contrast or add it to the bedroom to breathe new life into the room. Oval jute rugs offer a more playful feel. They are also great to place under furniture and can help soften a room’s overall aesthetic. Round or oval jute rugs in reading nooks or sitting areas make a stylish addition to a home’s interior. Jute rugs combined with a bordered design and a splash of colour tend to make a bigger stylish statement.

The purchase of a jute rug allows the consumer to bring in style and functionality to a space without an added cost of our environment as products of jute do not accumulate in the environment and do not release toxic pollutants associated with synthetic products.

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