10 Bedroom Rug Ideas

10 Bedroom Rug Ideas

Does your bedroom need a boost?

If your bedroom needs a makeover, then the addition of a rug may be just the answer you are looking for.

Whether you are wanting to add:

• a sense of cosiness,
• an organic aesthetic look,
• a pop of colour,
• extra texture and pattern or,
• an added touch of flamboyancy to your bedroom, 

A rug from our collection is the perfect answer.

Why choose a rug for your bedroom?

Adding a rug to your bedroom is one of the easiest ways to make the room cosier. Accessorising with a rug will add a layer of texture and visual warmth as well as helping to keep your feet warm during those cold nights.

A shag rug, with its high pile design, will infuse a sense of cosiness and warmth as well as providing a soft texture underfoot.

Bayou Linen Shag Rug

Bayou Linen Shag Rug

Complementing your bedroom décor:

Does your bedroom feature solid-coloured furniture?

Some choices include:

Tigris Hartha Multi Bohemian Transitional Rug

Tigris Hartha Multi Bohemian Transitional Rug

• rugs with bold floral designs to allow for an effortless integration

Mid-century Modern Sophia Natural White Rug

Mid-century Modern Sophia Natural White Rug

• lighter coloured rugs to create contrast

Mid-century Modern Zara Black and Gold Rug

Mid-century Modern Zara Black and Gold Rug

• patterned rugs that perhaps match or complement one of the hues in the furniture.

Does your bedroom feature minimalist styling?

Perhaps you can give your bedroom an uplift by:

Laura Designer Wool Round Rug Blue Yellow Grey

Laura Designer Wool Round Rug Blue Yellow Grey

• adding a pop of colour and art to your floor with rugs

• choosing a rug from our colourful Matrix collection, which are made from wool, and bring the elements of aesthetic appeal and visual warmth to the bedroom as well.

Does your bedroom décor focus on traditional glamour or modern boho?

Look for a Persian inspired rug, as these rugs are easily adaptable to either style. Rugs featuring:

Medallion design rugs

Does your bedroom feature a lot of colours?

Choices of rugs can include:

• going all out and add a rug of vibrant colours to enhance the bohemian look

Vintage Distressed Eternal Diamond Pink Rug

Vintage Distressed Eternal Diamond Pink Rug


Chunky Natural Jute Barker Rug

Chunky Natural Jute Barker Rug

• toning it down with a rug of neutral colours;
• a natural jute rug, which will add an extra coastal element to your bedroom.

What type of atmosphere do you want to enhance in your bedroom?

Do you want to create a more intimate vibe?

Estate Shamba Navy Transitional Rug

Estate Shamba Navy Transitional Rug

Rugs that hold rich, deep colours such as burgundy or navy are a stylist’s preferred choice.

Whereas, if wanting to enhance a calm atmosphere:

Estate Blue Transitional Rug

Estate Blue Transitional Rug

The muted colours of blue, green and purple will help promote this sense of calm in your bedroom.

Looking to add texture and pattern in a subtle way?
• Look no further than a rug that features distressed patterns or transitional designs and neutral colours.

Estate Earth Transitional Rug

Estate Earth Transitional Rug

• Transitional, patterned rugs are often a popular choice for children’s/kid’s bedrooms.

Add in the feature of easy to clean, durable polypropylene then you have a rug that will withstand foot traffic and spillage.

Which size and shape rugs are suitable for my bedroom?

The size and placement of a bedroom rug is an individual choice. It is recommended to measure your bedroom and the space where you wish to place your rug.

Rugs can cover:
• a large area of your room,
• be laid under your bed or
• placed in certain areas or nooks of your bedroom.

If you wish to cover a large area of your bedroom, then an exposed border of your hard flooring should frame the area rug.

If you want to place part of the rug under the bed, then you may have a third to two thirds of the rug under the bed.

A handy styling tip is not to overfill your room.


• Runners can be considered if a bedroom:
has limited space or
if you do not want to anchor your rug underneath furniture.

Placing a runner on either side of your bed can
• add to the appearance of a larger area rug
• run a line of comfort alongside your bed

• Round or Oval
Round or oval shaped rugs:
• add an extra touch of appeal
tend to enhance a softer look
can make the room appear bigger
You may wish to anchor a round rug under one corner of your bed.

• Rectangle
Whether you wish to cover the whole room or you are looking at creating a bit of a “buffer” zone around your bed, it is important to ‘test’ the suitability of the size.

Use masking or painter's tape to outline the rug dimensions on the floor to see if the rug will suit your room.

Choosing the right rug for your bedroom will depend on several factors, including budget and personal preferences:

• Soft, natural materials and high pile textures take more effort to clean.
• Synthetic materials are durable and often designed for easy cleaning.
• Wool rugs are natural, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, highly absorbent and are known for their warmth, temperature moderation & ability to absorb moisture in a damp environment.

Carlos Felted Wool Rug Grey Natural

Bedroom Wool Rug

• Remember that your bed is the focus of the room and the rug should accentuate it.

A quick solution to giving your bedroom a boost is often solved by the choice of the right rug. Happy hunting!

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